William L. Weaver, Ph.D.

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Social Media I Where can you find me on the web?
As an Analytical Chemist, my professional training is concerned with the process of communication.
As an undergraduate in the mid 1980s, when meeting new students I often introduced myself as a Communication Major.
Not only did this forestall the varied reactions to meeting a dual Chemistry and Physics major, but it was an accurate
representation of what I was studying. I just neglected to explain that I was studying ways that humans communicate
with the energy and material surrounding them. Now that we have The Big Bang Theory on CBS, I can tell folks that I am
an Experimental Physicist, just like Johnny Galecki's character Leonard Hofstadter, and the conversation can proceed.

While designing an experiment to measure physical or chemical phenomena, one must pay particular attention to how
the various components of the measurement are connected. Whether it be via copper wire, glass fiber, or wireless optics,
connectivity is of central concern to communication. The Internet, and the World Wide Web and social networks
that reside on it, are of particular interest to Measurement Specialists. As we continue to develop networks that connect
humans, we will increasingly use these existing social networks to connect machines, materials, and energy.

Instead of maintaining a casual list of social networking sites, I make it part of my professional career to seek out new
social networks, join them, and explore their relative merits and utility.
Following is a list of some of the social networks I maintain.